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Training & Entrepreneurship

Training and entrepreneurship services to enhance the knowledge and skills of individuals and teams.

Training and Entrepreneurship

Our training and entrepreneurship services are delivered by our expert team and provide insight to the latest trends in the sector.

We provide knowledge transfer to organisations and individuals who are involved in the development of new healthcare technologies and services. We help our clients understand the key steps involved in developing a new innovation and the requirements to achieve market access in order to assist them with their strategic decision making.

Our training courses are bespoke and interactive, can be delivered via webinars or in-person sessions and can include one to one mentoring support post-event. We deliver training courses on a range of topics and events and workshops designed to develop the skills of entrepreneurs and tailored to your needs.

We regularly deliver our training and entrepreneurship services to a range of organisations including industry, academia, charities, not-for-profits, and healthcare institutions in the UK and abroad. In many cases, we can integrate our specialist training modules into the organisation’s professional education, innovation or entrepreneurship programmes.

Our Services

Training courses covering the range of our expertise including:

  • Introduction to Health Innovation and Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Developing your IP & Commercialisation Strategies for MedTech
  • Funding and Investment
  • Business Case Development
  • Regulating Medical Devices
  • Human Factors and Useability Engineering
  • Essentials in Health Economics
  • How to Prove the Value of your Innovation (Real World Evaluation)
  • Selling to the NHS

We can also deliver bespoke events tailored to your needs such as:

  • Workshops & networking events for entrepreneurs to develop their skills and share learning
  • Mentoring programme for entrepreneurs
  • Innovation Sprint events to develop solutions to known unmet clinical needs



Training Courses

We currently offer a number of courses which run regularly throughout the year. We can also tailor training courses to your bespoke needs on request. To find out more, please contact us.

Funding & Investment

Funding & Investment

Need to raise investment or secure grant funding to support development of a new medical technology or service? This course will teach you how to prepare robust funding applications, understand what investors are looking for, develop your pitch deck and help you identify the right funding route for your business or project.

Next course: 24th October 2024

Essentials in Health Economics

Essentials in Health Economics

This course will introduce you to the basic concepts of Health Economics required for start-ups and small businesses. You will learn how to use them to demonstrate the value of your innovation to decision makers (whether that be purchasers, budget holders or investors).

Next course: 10th September 2024.

Selling to the NHS

Selling to the NHS

This course will help you address key market access challenges in healthcare. It will help you understand the NHS as a customer, the evidence required to sell to healthcare systems and what it takes to get your product adopted, and a brief guide to procurement in the NHS.

Next course: 15th October 2024

Regulating Medical Devices

Regulating Medical Devices

Understanding the roadmap to regulatory approval in different markets is an essential part of any business plan for a new medical technology. Developing the right regulatory strategy enables you to get your products to market quickly by achieving compliance with UK, EU and international standards. This course will equip you with a “how to” guide and covers all essential information you need to plan for your regulatory approval process.

Next Course: 8th October 2024

Human Factors and Usability Engineering

Human Factors and Usability Engineering

The application of Human Factors, or Usability Engineering processes, into the development of medical devices leads to safer and more intuitive products. It also facilitates the regulatory approvals process. This helps to accelerate the adoption and spread of innovative medical technologies. This course will provide a “how to” guide, covering planning and implementation of usability studies, as well as designing and conducting Formative Evaluations and Summative Testing.

Next course: 5th November 2024

Developing your Medtech IP & Commercialisation Strategies

Developing your Medtech IP & Commercialisation Strategies

This two hour course is suitable for anyone from the NHS, academia or industry with an interest in intellectual property (IP) and the commercialisation of medical technologies. It will help you understand IP strategy development and how to translate an idea into a viable product or service.

Next Course: 3rd October 2024

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