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Real-World Evaluation

Providing evidence on clinical, operational and economic impact of deployment.


Real World Evaluation

When piloting or implementing an innovative technology, important evidence and learning can be obtained that will help assess the potential value of that innovative technology to the NHS or other healthcare systems and can assist with facilitating adoption, securing further investment and scaling. We have extensive experience evaluating the implementation of new technologies into healthcare settings.

Evidence and Learning

The HealthTech EVALUATION methodology provides an independent analysis of the benefits of a new innovation within a real world setting and aims to facilitate adoption, secure further investment, scale and secure new customers.

We do this by helping you to identify the steps needed to set up and carry out an evaluation in order to gain evidence of the benefits your technology provides. We then work with you to evaluate the actual and perceived clinical, operational and economic benefits of your new product.



For the evaluation to provide relevant and credible evidence, we use a staged approach. We work with you and your deployment site or commissioner to deliver the following:

  • Defining potential benefits
  • Agreeing metrics
  • Collecting data
  • Analyse results of implementation and impact

Using a “Logic Model” approach, we map out the anticipated potential benefits of the solution. This may include a review of the evidence to date, and that of competitor solutions. Consultation with key stakeholders will identify desired impact and expectations.

We investigate the metrics to be collected to assess the effectiveness of the implementation process and actual use of the technology. We agree systems and methods to capture the desired metrics and existing data before implementation is compared with that collected during and after implementation.

We review outcomes and analyse the perceived and actual, clinical and non-clinical, benefits. Where possible we capture quantitative data from existing clinical and operational systems. This can be complemented by time-and-motion studies, and qualitative feedback from clinicians.

From the evaluation we collect and review data that helps to highlight any lessons learned from the implementation process and can provide invaluable feedback as to the best way of implementing the new technology in further settings.

The HealthTech EVALUATION methodology provides you with an independent analysis of the product’s effectiveness in a real world setting.

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