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IP & Commercialisation Strategy

Providing advice on IP strategy, commercialisation plans and routes to market.


IP Strategies and Commercialisation Plans

A rigorous IP & Commercialisation strategy will maximise your innovation’s commercial potential.

We have extensive experience helping clients gain a greater understanding of their intellectual property (IP) position and developing a plan to protect their assets. We also advise on how to translate an idea into a viable product or service and appropriate commercialisation strategies to bring products to market for health technologies in the UK and international markets.

Our services include:

Intellectual Property (IP)

Evaluating and advising you, based on the specific attributes of your technology, on what and how to protect your technology to safeguard your potential future revenue streams and maximise the value of your innovation.

Patentability and freedom to operate searches to explore potential areas of prior art which might affect the likelihood of securing IP protection and assessing the patent landscape for any technology that might keep you from using your invention freely.

Patent landscaping to help you have an understanding of the existing patent landscape for a particular technology within a specific country, region or globally. An IP landscape will provide you with crucial information as to whether competition exists and can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses of a patent or innovation strategy.


Commercialisation Plans

Devising a commercialisation plan and advising you on the key steps required along the innovation development pathway to bring a new technology to market.

Undertaking commercialisation options analyses by reviewing and exploring the opportunities and challenges of the principal routes to market.

Developing investor/funder pitch decks and business plans to support your commercialisation strategy.


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