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Joop Tanis

Director of HealthTech Consulting

Joop provides strategic leadership to the HealthTech Consulting team. He has 20 years’ experience as a clinician in the NHS and has developed an in depth understanding of the interplay between innovation, entrepreneurship, health and financial outcomes, commissioning, service provision and users’ perspectives. After several roles developing and leading healthcare incubator funds, he now leads the HTE consulting team, providing medical technology commercialisation support to industry, healthcare and academic clients. Joop has also been a mentor for several healthtech start-ups.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to talk with and to support innovators who are passionate about their ideas and opportunities to improve healthcare. My role as director of HealthTech Consulting perfectly combines my three main professional interests: health, innovation and entrepreneurship. I believe that Health Tech Enterprise combines the best of both worlds: the inclusivity and social purpose of healthcare providers with the drive and entrepreneurial spirit that comes natural to people running businesses.”

Joop played a significant role in ensuring the successful UK wide delivery of the SBRI Healthcare Programme for over 5 years. SBRI Healthcare is an innovation programme for NHS England, now part of the NIHR funding portfolio. It delivers the Innovation Health and Wealth agenda by understanding the needs and challenges of the NHS and translating these into a series of thematic competitions for innovators to respond to.

In his previous clinical career as a Physiotherapist and clinical manager in the NHS Joop developed insights in the patient – clinician relationship and the factors necessary to deliver patient satisfaction as well as improved outcomes. As an NHS manager he gained a good understanding of the organisational and financial levers that drive decisions in this complex environment, including the translation of policy into delivery and the need for close collaboration between healthcare providers, innovators (both clinical and industrial), commissioners and users.

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