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Health Innovation Sprints

Join Health Tech Enterprise & our partners for an exciting health innovation sprint!


What is a Health Innovation Sprint?

Are you a clinician or healthcare professional with an idea that can impact healthcare?

Would you like to work with product development specialists, intellectual property attorneys, regulatory experts, health economists and commercialisation experts to further your idea?

Participants of all relevant disciplines are welcome and no specific experience is required!

A health innovation sprint is creative group problem solving within a compact time frame. Teams come together to quickly develop and evaluate new product or service concepts.

Participants typically form groups of about 2-5 individuals including the idea owner and professional advisors such as product development specialists, IP attorneys, regulatory experts, health economists and commercialisation experts, Teams then have a brainstorm as a group, and turn a good idea into a strong business concept.

The event normally begins with project introductions. Participants that bring ideas/projects to the event have the opportunity to briefly explain (5 min max) what they are working on at the start of the event so that professional advisors can join their team. At the end of the event a wrap-up session gives each idea owner the chance to demonstrate their  accomplishments and plans for progressing their ideas and projects.

The health innovation sprints events are kindly being sponsored by our partners: Venner Shipley LLP, JEB Technologies Ltd, Medovate Ltd and eg technology.


Innovation Voucher

One idea owner from each event will be eligible to win a prize which will be assessed by a judging panel and awarded to the idea with the most potential.

The Innovation Vouchers, sponsored by eg technology, are designed to support the development of new medical technologies including physical devices, diagnostics platforms and digital health technologies. Each voucher will be worth approximately £3,000 of in-kind support.

The Innovation Voucher will enable the winners to work with the Health Tech Enterprise and eg technology teams to develop and progress their idea through activities such as:

  • Ideation workshop followed by concept drawings or story boards
  • Compilation of user or product requirements specification
  • Development of a computer aided design (CAD) model
  • Design review of an existing prototype and suggested improvements
  • Outline software architecture design – what would be a good software design
  • Development technology review – what development technology(ies) should one use to implement an innovation
  • Algorithm derisking – a basic prototype to prove whether a specific problem can be solved in code.  Simple inputs and outputs to prove a point
  • Design review of an existing prototype software and suggested improvements to move the code base towards a professional development plan


Our primary goal in running these events is to kick-start a developer community around new ideas that can impact healthcare. We want to inspire a community to join in the effort to create new health related products and services in partnership with our clinical entrepreneurs/NHS staff.

The Health Innovation Sprints

We are running two separate one-day events as follows:

Health Innovation Sprint Cambridge – 17th May 2024
Location: Lord Ashcroft Building, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT
Time: 8:30am – 5.30pm
Breakfast & Lunch provided, free registration

Health Innovation Sprint Norwich – 7th June 2024
Location: The Quadram Institute, Rosalind Franklin Road, Norwich Research Park, Norwich NR4 7UQ
Time: 8:30am – 5.30pm
Breakfast & Lunch provided, free registration

Suitable project ideas would include medical devices, equipment, diagnostics and digital health technologies.


Applications close on April 19th.

Industry experts and professional advisors keen to take part and support a clinical team can enquire about registration by emailing and indicating their specific expertise and which Sprint event they would like to join.

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