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The Role of MedTech in the Digital Transformation of Care

28th September 2020

This MedTech NAVIGATOR Report provides a landscape assessment of the innovations under development in the area of digital health.

The report will be relevant to SMEs based in the UK and to those based further afield.

Key Findings of the report:

  • Digital technology has advanced exponentially in the last decade and whilst technology has transformed sectors such as retail, banking, travel and tourism, it has yet to make serious waves in the healthcare sector.
  • In the UK uptake of digital health innovations has been slower than in other equally developed countries such as Canada and Denmark. Challenges include a lack of consumer confidence resulting from previous patient data breaches and accountability for when things go wrong.
  • The emergence of COVID-19 has forced rapid change upon global healthcare delivery and the NHS has proven that it can rapidly adapt and innovate whilst continuing to deliver world class care.
  • Early providers of disruptive technology have facilitated a gradual transformation in the healthcare setting by presenting new opportunities to the market and generating demand for innovative models of care delivery.

The report includes a number of case studies on companies to watch:

  • Babylon Health
    • AccuRx
    • MediShout
    • BFB Labs
    • Healios

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