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HealthTech NETZERO Competition Winner: Airway Medical Ltd

19th September 2023

We are excited to announce the first winner of the HealthTech NETZERO Competition is, Simon Hall of Airway Medical Ltd.

Airway Medical Ltd produce novel Airway Suction Devices for clearing airways in emergency and chronic conditions; in a fully sustainable way. Their Airway Medical Suction Unit (AMSU™) is a portable suction device for clearing blocked airways in emergency and chronic conditions and has multiple applications within the medical and industrial markets.

As winners of the competition Airway Medical Ltd will work with our consultants, going through our first stage diagnostic process to build the evidence base from which a model of the potential CO2 savings, made possible through the use of their device, will be created. The CO2 emission model can add to the value proposition of a MedTech innovation, bringing a third string of evidence to compliment a devices effectiveness and economy.

If you would like the chance to win the competition is ongoing for the next couple of months and can be entered using the link below.


Opening the link will launch the NetZero Competition questionnaire in a new tab on your browser.



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