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Health tech consultancy relaunches to reflect global outlook

10th May 2022

Healthcare technology consultancy, Health Tech Enterprise, formerly Health Enterprise East, has evolved its brand and its service offering, to better reflect the business’ international reach and breadth of expertise.

The evolution to Health Tech Enterprise (HTE) represents the consultancy’s expansion into multiple international markets, working with both medical technology innovators and healthcare providers. The consultancy now offers a range of services to support medical technology innovators in developing winning value propositions that benefit from the team’s understanding of the pathways for different technologies to connect with clinicians and achieve successful market launch.

Contributing to the acceleration of crucially needed innovations to improve patient care, reduce hospital wait times and save sector expenditure, HTE has been instrumental in negotiating and securing over 130 commercial contracts for innovations arising from within the UK’s national health service (NHS). Backed by an expanding network of medical trusts in the UK as well as clients in the EU and Asia, this equates to successfully winning over £16M in funding and investment for different stages of product development and commercialisation.

Commenting on the company’s expansion, Dr Anne Blackwood, HTE CEO said: “HTE has been operating at a global scale for many years and bringing our brand up to date to reflect the opportunities we see in the marketplace, as well as all the different types of support we can provide is a natural step forward. We are working more closely than ever before with new organisations helping them provide future-ready innovations across international healthcare markets, as well as to our NHS partners in the UK.”

Expanding on the importance of its NHS roots and relationships, Joop Tanis, Director of MedTech Consulting at HTE, added: “Over the last decade we have nurtured and developed valuable relationships with the NHS, and used our experience working with one of the world’s leading health services and regulatory systems, to inform our approach for international expansion. As we evolve as a global business, we will continue to value our NHS base and share our knowledge with healthcare networks from across the world.”

HTE’s expanded service offering is designed to equip individuals and teams with the skills and knowledge they need to take their medical technology innovations to market, including:

  • HealthTech Insights: Providing clinical, patient and payer insights through a developed network of clinicians who support care pathways and conduct primary research to evaluate how a product will provide clinical and operational benefits.
  • HealthTech Market Analysis: A methodical approach to market research, competitor analysis and developing successful market access strategies.
  • HealthTech IP and Regulation: Understanding and assessment of the IP landscape, potential commercialisation options, and mapping the pathways to regulatory approval.
  • HealthTech Economic Evaluations: Supporting market access through economic modelling, understanding value proposition, economic impact and pricing.
  • HealthTech Human Factors: Preparing, planning and implementing usability studies, including designing and conducting formative evaluations and summative testing.
  • HealthTech Money: Horizon scanning to provide innovators with appropriate funding and investment opportunities, including writing grant funding applications, consortium building and business and project planning.
  • HealthTech Evaluation: Evaluating the actual and perceived clinical, operational and economic benefits of a new product.

First established in 2004 by founding members the Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, HTE has acquired an impressive and ever-expanding track record of commercial success, working alongside partners to bring new medical technologies to market.

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