Essentials in Health Economics

10th August 2021

Essentials in Health Economics for Small Business and Start-Ups

This course will introduce you to the basic concepts of Health Economics required for start-ups and small businesses. It will provide you with an introduction to the basic concepts of health economics and how to use them to demonstrate the value of your innovation to decision makers (whether that be purchasers, budget holders or purchasers). It will introduce you to a variety of methods used in Health Economics, such as Budget Impact Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Cost-effectiveness analysis and which method to use when. Furthermore, it will touch on some key differences between the UK, the USA and other countries.

It will cover areas such as

  • Basic concepts of Health Economics
  • How to use health economic modelling to demonstrate the value of your innovation to decision makers (and what methods to use to suit your situation)
  • How to customise the health economic analysis to the relevant decision makers. (and how does this differ by country)

Who would benefit from attending?

Anyone who is involved in developing new healthcare technologies and products, be it as an entrepreneur, clinician, academic, funder or commissioner, including professionals working in:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Business development
  • Product development
  • Research and development

Course Fees:

Industry: £40 + VAT per participant

NHS: Free

Places are limited on a first-come, first-served basis.

Meet the Speakers

Evelyne Priestman, Health Economist at Health Enterprise East

Joop Tanis, Director of MedTech Consulting at Health Enterprise East


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