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Diabetes Management – A Tale Of Two Conditions And The Resulting Opportunities For Medtech Innovators

22nd August 2022

Diabetes Mellitus (or “Diabetes”) can be considered as two separate conditions; Diabetes Type 1(T1), a genetically caused chronic autoimmune condition, and Diabetes Type 2 (2), a reversible lifestyle condition.

These two conditions require two different management strategies to contain the escalating costs of the disease at a public health level. Diabetes of both forms cannot be managed by pharmaceutical measures alone; digital solutions and advanced medical technologies are needed to control the health and cost burden Diabetes imposes on society.

Diabetes T1 requires empowerment of patients to enable them to effectively self-manage their condition and minimise hypoglycaemic episodes and complications. Diabetes T2 requires preventative interventions and early-stage identification of “at risk” individuals to prevent the condition developing, as well as behavioural changes by diagnosed patients to reverse the condition.

This whitepaper explores the cost-effectiveness of interventions used in both types of the disease and uncovers the opportunities for medical technology innovators in this market.

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