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Benefits of Patient Perspectives in Health Technology Development

28th February 2023

Creating and producing medical technologies is often a challenging process. To create successful Medical Technology innovations, they need to excel in functionality, safety, efficiency, and usability. But technical or functional excellence is not enough. Technology does not in itself improve healthcare. It needs to be used by clinicians and, in many cases, patients or their carers. So, to launch a technology that is integrated into care-management routines and well-accepted by end-users, innovators need to include user perspectives within the design process. A direct engagement with clinicians and patients provides Health Technology developers with a crucial insight into a product’s design in terms of its usability, ease of use, and consumer appeal.

In developing user-friendly and desirable technology, innovators and product designers should consider a range of different aspects, such as: simplicity, attention to detail, integration into users’ lifestyles, future-proof design and environmental sustainability. As well as making devices useable, User-Centric design can influence positive behaviours beyond the actual use of the device, such as adherence to treatment regimens, resulting in better health outcomes. User-centric design is proven to contribute to the shift towards patient-centred care and alleviation of some persisting issues faced by the NHS.

So, the inclusion of user insight in developing technologies often leads to improved efficiencies in healthcare systems. They, in turn, allow for freeing up the resources for other therapeutic areas and stimulate new therapy routes.

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