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Waiting List Simulation of a Teledermoscopy Tool for Skin Cancer Screening​ – Open Medical

27th February 2024

The Challenge

The team at Open Medical have developed a novel teledermoscopy tool aimed to enhance the triage of dermatology referrals, particularly for suspected skin cancer. This tool holds the promise to considerably shorten the journey from referral to the final diagnosis, optimising the utilisation of healthcare resources. The innovators asked HTE to use its expertise to quantify their technology’s impact on patient waiting times compared to the current standard of care.

Our Approach

To assess the impact of the innovation on the average patient waiting list time, HTE built a discrete event simulation, starting by developing process mapping of the skin cancer screening clinical pathway and then constructing models of the pathway using SIMUL8 software. We parameterised the model by conducting a literature review and utilising primary data from clinical trials provided by Open Medical. Subsequently, a year-long series of simulation trials was conducted.


A SIMUL8-based waiting list simulation was developed, and the client was provided with a runtime version. We assessed the innovation’s mean impact on wait times against the current state of care. A comprehensive report was compiled, detailing the methodology, interpreting the simulation outcomes, and highlighting key recommendations for Open Medical to guide future data collection in subsequent studies to strengthen the evidence case. 


Through detailed reporting, active engagement, and expert analysis, Health Tech Enterprise provided us with deep insights into the real-world impact of our digital transformation. Their availability for questions and enlightening discussions were vital in enhancing our understanding of the health economic impact of our work. Health Tech Enterprise’s expertise truly propelled our development forward.”   Tim Hoogenboom, Head of Research, Open Medical 

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