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Validating the Clinical Need for Innovative Obstetric Devices

8th March 2019

The Brief

An innovation development company approached us to validate the clinical need for two innovative obstetric devices and gain additional insight from clinicians and feedback on the current market readiness for these devices.

Our intervention

We undertook face to face interviews with clinicians using a pre-agreed interview guide to steer the discussion and focused on three main areas;

  • Market Potential
  • Clinical Utility and
  • Adoption.

As part of our HealthTech INSIGHTS consulting package, eleven clinicians were interviewed across three different NHS trusts in England. Five consultants with a combined experience of over 65 years, and two senior registrars gave their feedback and insight.

Health Tech Enterprise (HTE) took a structured, impartial and robust approach to the project. We gave an assessment of clinical opinion on usability, feedback on market potential, highlighted barriers to adoption and putative adoption pathways.

The outcomes

The client was able to make a well-informed decision about whether to invest in, and license the innovative MedTech Devices based on unbiased data gathered by HTE. This included information about clinical opinion on unmet need, usability, procurement and adoption and market potential.

We were impressed with fast turn-around, clarity of information delivered, and the breadth of clinical experience leveraged by Health Tech Enterprise’s Network.” Representative from Development Company


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