digital screening and demand-management tool – Priority Digital Health

28th September 2018

The company created a new digital screening and demand-management tool, which enables GP practices to triage patients into – or out of – practices safely and effectively according to need.

To support long term strategic planning, in 2018 Priority Digital Health asked MedTech Consulting to evaluate the viability of the product, understand the GP market, develop the value proposition and provide recommendations


HEE took a structured, impartial and data-driven approach to the project, which consisted of three key elements:

MedTech MARKETS: Evaluating the product, customer and application

MedTech INSIGHTS: Providing clinical, technical and competitor insights

MedTech ECONOMICS: Understanding the value proposition, pricing and health economics of the product

Recommendations included identifying specific market segments to target and product design, development and launch issues to consider in their technology roadmap.

Furthermore, the study measured patient, managerial and administrative benefits to help demonstrate and evidence the value proposition.


The economic analysis showed that the online booking and non-clinical triage platform offers the potential for local and regional cost savings through:

  • Reduction in A&E attendance
  • Reduction in emergency admission
  • Reduction in the number of GP consultations

The in-depth market analysis helped Priority Digital Health to appreciate the competitive landscape and to understand where their offering is currently positioned vis-à-vis the nearest alternatives.

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