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Modelling the Carbon Footprint of a Novel Digital Innovation – Neuhealth

10th August 2023

The Challenge

Neu Health, a spin-out company from the University of Oxford developed a digital platform for people with Parkinson’s and dementia. The innovation facilitates patient empowerment and enables clinicians to close the care management and data gap between clinic visits, as well as reduce unnecessary journeys for both patients and healthcare professionals. The company required a carbon-impact model to show its environmental impact in line with the NHS zero carbon reduction plan.

Our Approach

Health Tech Enterprise evaluated the potential CO2 equivalents from journeys made by patients and healthcare professionals while also taking into account the carbon footprint of the innovation itself. An extensive decision analytical model was built to compare the CO2 emissions of current care with the CO2 emissions of care using the innovation. Uncertainties were accounted for using probabilistic sensitivity analysis.

The Outcome

The CO2 emissions analysis showed statistically significant carbon savings delivered primarily via a reduction in unnecessary journeys that would be potentially achievable through adoption of  the innovation.


“This work has helped us show the positive impact the Neu Health platform has in supporting the NHS net zero commitments”. Caroline Cake, CEO, Neu Health


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