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Developing an Early Value Assessment Tool – InnoScot Health

22nd November 2022

InnoScot Health, an innovation agency, working in close partnership with NHS Scotland supporting the development of innovative ideas to improve patient care. They identified the need for a value assessment tool to enable their team to evaluate early-stage innovations, identify viable opportunities and efficiently allocate resources to deliver value and improvement to the NHS.

Our Solution

HTE delivered a wide range of services over an extended period. These included:

  • Workshops to train the InnoScot team in the principles of Health Economic analysis
  • Conducting several Budget Impact Analyses, with hands-on participation of the InnoScot team. This provided essential understanding of the type of assessment InnoScot requires, as well as training the team in the use of the tool
  • Create a bespoke Budget Impact Modelling tool, specific to the needs of InnoScot
  • Provide further training in the use of this model.

The Outcome

Following the training, knowledge transfer and creation of a bespoke modelling template, InnoScot Health is now able to implement the tool to analyse the commercial viability of their projects and innovations. This enables them to identify the optimal allocation of their resources.
As a result, they have been able to accelerate the development of innovations that deliver improved patient healthcare and outcomes within NHS Scotland.

“We found that a valuable part of the collaborative process was the ability to discuss ideas, work through problems we encountered, and closely analyse the different approaches that we might take. Having access to Health Tech Enterprise’s expertise in Health Economics helped us to develop our own team’s know-how, while simultaneously honing a bespoke Budget Impact Modelling tool which allowed us to identify the optimal allocation of resources.” – Gillian Henderson, InnoScot’s Head of Project Management

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