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Budget Impact Analysis of a SMART Referral System – DXS

29th November 2023

The Challenge

An innovator has developed a smart referral solution. The innovation is expected to enhance efficiencies in primary and secondary care by reducing inappropriate referrals, excessive secondary care appointments, repeat GP consultations, and the administrative burden associated with triaging and managing incorrect referrals. Health Tech Enterprise was commissioned by Health Innovation East to support the value proposition of this innovation for referrals to Fertility Units by conducting a budget impact analysis.

Our Approach

Initially, we conducted a series of interviews with healthcare professionals working in primary and secondary care to gain insight into the current referral management processes in GP surgeries and Fertility Units. Subsequently, we constructed a decision analytical model using MS Excel to simulate the projected incremental cost impact of using the innovation for referrals to Fertility Units within the NHS over a 5-year period.

The Outcome

We created an interactive model in MS Excel, allowing the innovator to explore various scenarios related to market size and relative benefits. We also formulated recommendations for specific data points that should be validated in upcoming studies to reduce parametric uncertainty inherent in the model.​

Collaborating with HTE has proven to be an invaluable experience from the very beginning. The comprehensive analysis carried out has played a pivotal role in illustrating the cost implications of our SMART Referrals Functionality. The study underscores that our innovation is projected to generate cost savings by reducing referral error rates and expediting the referral management process. Additionally, HTE provided essential recommendations for future data collection efforts, which will further bolster the quantitative evidence affirming the positive cost impact of our technology.  David Parker – Head of Sales & Account Management of DXS


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